Huawei devices owners may still get the updates

People with a Huawei phone or tablet or subsidiary brand Honor need not fear that they will no longer receive updates or support for their device due to sanctions against the company. Huawei announced this on Monday in response to Google’s announcement to revoke Huawei’s license for the Android operating system.

The Chinese technology giant Huawei is accused of facilitating espionage by the Chinese government. For that reason, the US government has banned companies from doing business with the company. That means that not only Google, but probably also the chip companies Qualcomm, Intel and Broadcom can no longer deliver to Huawei.

Huawei’s telephones make extensive use of technology from American companies. Huawei also makes chips itself, but at the moment it is difficult to do everything yourself. The company said it was also working on its own operating system as a replacement for Android. Android is by far the most used operating system for mobile devices in the world.

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