DJIA drones will be equipped with aircraft detection sensors

The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI announced Wednesday to provide its new drones with aircraft and helicopter detection. These are drones that will be released in 2020 or later and that weigh more than 250 grams, DJI writes. These devices receive sensors that can receive Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B). This is a signal that is sent by planes and helicopters.

Drones cannot broadcast the signal themselves. Owners of the drones are warned via the receiver if they come close to aircraft. The driver must then ensure that the drone is removed from the air, that does not happen automatically.

DJI has already built several safety applications in its drones. This allows the devices themselves to avoid obstacles and limits for the flight height.

In the past there have been (near) accidents with drones and planes more often. In 2018 there were several drones incidents at London’s Gatwick airport. As a result, air traffic was stopped a number of times.

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