Tor officially introduced to Android OS

Tor internet browser, with which users can visit the internet anonymously, is officially available for Android smartphones, The Tor Project announced on Wednesday.

With the Android app, users can access the internet via the Tor network, whereby the internet traffic is sent over various encrypted routes to ensure anonymity of users and security of data sent. The Tor browser ensures, among other things, that placed cookies are less easily linked to each other. The browsing history is also deleted after each use.

With the Tor browser, users can not only visit the regular internet, but also sites that end with a covert .onion domain name. These websites can only be visited via this network and therefore fall under the so-called Darkweb.

Surfing via the dark web enables activists, journalists and lawyers to use the internet anonymously. In addition, the dark web is used by criminals, including for drug trafficking, hired guns etc.

The Tor Project, the organization behind the browser, says there are no plans for an official iOS version of the Tor browser. This would not be possible due to limitations from Apple. The organization recommends the Onion Browser to interested iPhone owners.

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