Trade conflict increases risk of cyber war

Increasing trade tensions between China and the United States increases the risk of the two superpowers extending their struggle to the digital domain. The big American asset manager warns BlackRock about this in a market commentary.

According to analysts, economic risks and domestic security issues were previously separate risks, but they are now beginning to merge. In the US, for example, the Chinese telecom giant Huawei has recently been on the list of institutions that pose a threat to internal security.

In addition, cyber attacks have been increasing in size and intensity for a while. Parties behind it sometimes turn out to be government agencies, with all kinds of geopolitical and economic motives. Hacks and DDOS attacks have become part of the arms arsenal of states. BlackRock therefore sees cyber attacks as a growing risk for important infrastructure.

According to market researchers, it is possible that due to the tensions the American and Chinese technology sectors will gradually become less equal. Investors could respond to this.

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