GES to attract thousands of SME’s to Hague

The European business community is trying to capitalize on business GES event that the United States and the Netherlands are organizing in Hague next week. Rabobank, KPN, Heineken, ING and Shell will hold so-called pitches for four hundred SMEs from all over the world on Monday. Possibly deals also come out.

“A reverse trade mission,” says a spokesperson for the employers’ organization VNO-NCW. According to him, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), with the arrival of Ivanka Trump and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, offers an excellent opportunity for small and large bringing companies into contact with each other.The top is likely to attract around 2000 entrepreneurs and investors.

The intention is that the ‘big boys’ from the Netherlands present themselves as attractive partners for innovative start-ups. Some will also present specific issues. The smaller companies can then subscribe to solve it.

In addition to the pitches, VNO-NCW is also organizing a “CEO Round Table” on Monday, where senior executives of American and Dutch companies have a meeting with Pompeo and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The aim is to strengthen mutual trade relationships and to discuss current issues.

The latter is of course extra relevant in the light of global trade tensions. “Protectionism has never made anyone any wiser,” said VNO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer a few days ago. Many Dutch ministers and state secretaries are also present at the event to put our country on the map.

The GES is a brainchild of former American President Barack Obama. In 2009 he stated in his ‘A New Beginning’ speech in Egypt that he would like to organize a conference specifically for business people from the US and the Islamic community. In 2010 the first edition was in Washington. After that there was a GES almost every year and the event grew into a worldwide phenomenon. This ninth edition is mainly about how we can help solve social problems better with private capital.

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