Japanese minister: High heels required for work

It is nowhere in the law, but in many companies it is an unwritten rule that you as a woman wear high heels. The Japanese Minister for Health and Work supports this. “High heels are necessary and appropriate.”

Tens of thousands of Japanese women signed a petition for the right to be allowed to wear comfortable flat shoes, just like men.

Actress and writer Yumi Ishikawa started the petition and received much acclaim. She calls her call #kutoo, a reference to shoes (kutsu) and pain (kutsuu), and to #metoo of course.

Some Japanese women compare the high heels duty with the painful tying of feet that used to be common in the Asian country.

Ishikawa offered the petition to minister Takumi Nemoto, but caught the bone.

“It is socially accepted as something that is necessary and appropriate,” he said of the high heels duty that is the norm at many companies.

Men also have little freedom in Japan: wearing a suit is mandatory in almost all sectors.

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