What is Dream Glow

...that seems to have taken Twitter by storm?

By examining the most popular Twitter hashes I’ve found that something named “Dream Glow” is trending worldwide. #DreamGlowOutNow and similar tags are hugely popular. I’ve invested some time in finding out what it is.

First, I supposed that it is some sort of cosmetic kit that makes everyone young and beautiful. No, it was not the case. The true #DreamGlowOutNow is revolving around Dream Glow (BTS World Original Soundtrack) · BTS · Charli XCX. There is a reason why I am totally unaware either of BTS World or of Charli XCX existence.

BTS is some sort of reality show for Asian teenage auditory. You know, the high-pitch boy bands. Meanwhile Charli XCX is a stage name of singer Charlotte Emma Aitchison. As I realize when they met in some unlucky space-time coordinates this exact piece was produced:

This is total musical disaster but it fits well teens and preteens unsophisticated taste.

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