Color-changing YotaPhone 6 to be made by Russians

Finally you can play hide-and-seek with your phone

After rather modest success of innovative line of the Yota smarthpones the company is betting on the success of the next one. It is dubbed as ‘stealth smartphone’ however it is quite opposite to it. It is the smarphone that changes it color to be easily found by the user. For example, it it lays on the black table it will turn white. Of course the opposite function – blending into surroundings will be also available just for fun. As with all Yota phones it will be done by using e-Ink technology. There are rumours that flexible AMOLED display will be used with at least some YotaPhone 6 devices.

Russian team is behind the intellectual value of the phones. Specific design, architecture and software was designed in Russia and made in China. Second e-Ink screen on the back is a characteristic feature of the phone. Despite innovative design it never gained significant traction because it is too expensive for the target markets dominated by cheap Chinese quasi-brands. Yota has patented a several dozen inventions while working on the Yotaphone.

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