What’s new in Huawei’s Hongming OS?

Huawei is working on the Google-independent OS

Based on sources and leaks, the future smartphone OS out of Huawei Will be stronger than Android. The company was working to the new Smartphone OS since 2015. Plus it seems like, the right time came to introduce its new Smartphone OS to the World.

The Hongming OS will serve the easy-to-use interface. This OS will Work on another technology which may consume less electricity of your phone. Users will get a different Apps Store like Android’s App Stor to download and set up new apps and games on their smartphones. Huawei’s App Store can come with features than the App Store of Android.

Moreover, the Business is working on a committed program for Browsing programs and videos. The future Huawei Smartphones will come with several popular Apps like facebook, Twitter and a lot more.

Furthermore, 5G Connectivity will be also supported by that the Hongming OS. Future Huawei Phones will likely soon be 5G prepared.

Some sources assert that the company Will introduce this new Smartphone OS from the next week. There’s no official announcement Or word concerning the same as of now. We hope to see any official Announcement within the days to witness the brand new Smartphone OS in The marketplace.

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