Microsoft Office complies with European privacy law after amendment

The version of the office software Office ProPlus, also used by the government, complies with the European privacy law General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) after adjustments made by Microsoft. Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) informed the House of Representatives on Monday, after it was previously determined that the software was not satisfactory.

The Ministry of Justice and Security expressed concern in 2018 about the use of the products because officials had no control over which diagnostic data from Office ProPlus was sent to and stored in the United States.

Microsoft Office ProPlus includes several office services, such as word processor Word, spreadsheet editor Excel, presentation editor PowerPoint and e-mail service Outlook.

After finding the violation, Microsoft promised to adjust its Office office software in such a way that the sending of the data could be limited.

The adjustment applies to the use of all Microsoft Office ProPlus software that is used worldwide, and not only to the license that the Dutch government has purchased.

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