Many websites are offline for a short time due to a failure at Cloudflare

A large number of websites that make use of the services of Cloudflare (including our) were unavailable for 27 minutes on Tuesday afternoon due to a malfunction, according to a large number of complaints on Twitter. In the meantime the problem seems to be solved.

It is unclear exactly how many websites were affected. In 2017, 12 million websites purchased Cloudflare services, including Buzzfeed, Discord, Feedly and several US government websites.

The Allestoringen site, which keeps track of disruptions on the internet, was not accessible due to the problems.

When visiting an affected website, the page continued to load for a long time. Sometimes the message Nginx ‘502 Bad Gateway’ was also displayed.

Cloudflare offers special software that administrators can use to protect their websites against a so-called DDOS attack and scrapping, dramatically increases performance and gives many other useful options.

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