UK to get the new prime minister: will it be Johnson or Hunt?

Will it be the winner Boris Johnson or underdog Jeremy Hunt? In the early afternoon the Conservatives announce which of the two men will be the new party leader and thus the new British prime minister.

The approximately 160,000 members of the Conservative Party had until 6 pm last night to cast their letter vote. All votes were counted last night. The result is expected around 1 p.m., the winner will then give a short speech.

It would be a huge surprise if Hunt were to win after all. Johnson is the top favorite, because he appeals to the audience much more.

“He already had a much greater reputation than Hunt, also because of his past as mayor of London”

It does not seem to hinder his party members that he is not so close to the truth and can appear awkward.

“Everyone knows that he has no eye for detail, that he has made promises on the left and right in the campaign that he can never keep. He is seen as a man of the people, more popular than Hunt and also someone who will soon be able to defeat Labor. “

With a win for Johnson it is very important how big the margin is, says Jippes. “That indicates what he can afford in the short term. For example about who he asks in his cabinet and which current ministers he will not dare to drop.”

Johnson of Hunt takes over the premiership from Theresa May for the remainder of her term, which runs until 2022. The leadership elections were held after Prime Minister May stepped up in early June after a series of failed attempts to get her brexit deal with the European Union through parliament .
Last cabinet consultation

May presides over her last cabinet meeting this morning. Tomorrow afternoon, after her last question time at the Lower House, she will go to Queen Elizabeth to officially submit her resignation.

Johnson of Hunt will then report to Buckingham Palace. After a conversation with the queen, who will ask him to form a government, the new prime minister takes up residence in office 10 Downing Street. Thursday and Friday it will become clear what his ministerial team will look like.

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