IKEA stops sending the printed catalog every year

From now on, the new IKEA catalog will no longer automatically be delivered to all people with a customer card. To test the new policy, the paper guide is still distributed in the catchment area of IKEA Delft, where about 550,000 customers receive it.

“We have been looking for valuable alternatives to the annual paper catalog for several years,” the company reports on the website. The furniture store calls it “more contemporary and more responsible” to offer interested parties a digital version from now on.

IKEA already tested a considerably smaller number of copies last year. That did not result in lower sales.

The new IKEA guide will be released on August 27 and can then be found online. The paper catalog will still be printed in a smaller edition of 250,000 copies and distributed to the twelve stores in the Netherlands where customers can pick it up.

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