Migrant rescue ship Open Arms on board at Lampedusa

Embrace the new Europeans!

Migrants from the Spanish rescue ship Open Arms have disembarked on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The crew, mainly from Africa, set foot late last night. Some were on board the ship for almost three weeks. All more than eighty migrants have left the ship.

The prosecutor in Sicily had ordered the seizure of the ship after he had visited it. The Italian Interior Minister Salvini had insisted on the decision.

By the order of the officer the help of the Spanish navy, who had offered to bring the migrants to Spain, was no longer needed.

The ship was already more than two weeks off the coast of Lampedusa, awaiting a political decision. Italy initially did not want the people on board to come ashore, although several countries had offered to include them. The conditions on board were getting worse, according to Open Arms.

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