Trump shines like a star: success of G7 summit visualized

Very successful, the American president Donald Trump called Monday after the end of the G7 summit, where the leaders of the seven largest industrialized countries meet, the meeting in Biarritz, France. Not much later a capital tweet followed: Thank you France – Thank you France.

The host of the summit, the French president Emmanuel Macron, may indeed be satisfied with the outcome of the three-day event. Macron announced on Monday during a closing press conference that a meeting between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rohani will take place soon. That seems to be a breakthrough in the stalemate around Iran’s nuclear program.

The US president withdrew last year from a 2015 deal between Iran and the United States, China, Germany, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. It agreed that Iran would curb its nuclear program in exchange for the gradual phasing out of economic sanctions. Trump again imposed severe sanctions on Iran after he withdrew from the deal. These sanctions must first be removed, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said Tuesday. Otherwise, according to him, there will be no consultation.

In a one-page conclusion published on Monday, the G7 countries state that they have, among other things, the common goals to “ensure that Iran never acquires nuclear weapons” and “to promote peace and stability in the region.” Macron wanted his fingers do not burn to publish a collectively signed statement. The US president decided not to sign such a statement last year, because, according to Trump, the host, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, had behaved “weak and unfair” at the time.

That decisions can still be made despite the differences is also apparent at the G7 summit this year. The US president was not present for the climate talks, but agreed to allocate 20 million euros to combat forest fires in the Amazon. That money would mainly be intended for the deployment of fire extinguishers.

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, however, quickly indicated that he is not at all waiting for the G7 money. According to him, it would be an attack on the sovereignty of Brazil. Bolsonaro had previously subscribed to a tweet that ridiculed Macron’s wife. The Brazilian president is disappointed that the French president put the forest fires in the Amazon on the agenda of the G7 summit.

Macron knows the advantage of a person-oriented approach, both in the case of Bolsonaro and Trump. His so-called “direct and” one-on-one “tactics with the American president worked. He went home whistling and already has plans for the G7 summit in 2020. His enthusiasm contrasts with his attitude in earlier years. In 2017 it was already beyond expectation that Trump did not ignore his first G7 summit in protest.

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