TSMC will fight back on GlobalFoundries allegations

The allegations of patent infringement against Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) by US chip supplier GlobalFoundries are “unfounded”, TSMC commented in a statement.

TSMC is an important supplier to Apple, for example, and a major customer of the Dutch chip machine maker ASML. GlobalFoundries has filed 16 complaints about alleged patent infringement by TSMC with authorities and courts in the United States and Germany. One of the requirements is that the import of some Apple products into those countries will be stopped because they contain chips from TSMC that infringed patent rights from GlobalFoundries. Californian GlobalFoundries also implies that a “significant” compensation from TSMC should be paid.

TSMC says it will study the charges and fight fiercely for its intellectual interests and deplore GlobalFoundries’ lawsuits.

The Taiwanese group also supplies equipment to large companies such as Broadcom, Nvidia and Qualcomm, while its products can also be found in servers, computers and many other internet electronics. According to GlobalFoundries, TSMC makes unlawful use of crucial company patent assets.

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