New Italian government is a monster covenant

In 2018, Salvini formed a coalition with the Five Star Movement (5MS), which had won the elections. Since the coalition took office, it turned out to be shaky, party-free Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had to keep things together. Salvini and his party Lega are more right-wing than the Five-Star Movement, whose members can use Internet referendums to determine per subject how their party votes.

There were disagreements between the two parties on various subjects. There was a fight over the rescue of the national airline Alitalia, autonomy of the northern regions and the harsh migration policy that Salvini advocated. In the end, the government complained about the construction of a billions of euros high-speed line from Turin to Lyon.

The Five Star movement wanted to continue with the construction, but the majority of the Italian parliament voted against. Salvini considered the vote a vote of no confidence in his own government and then withdrew his support for the coalition.

The Deputy Prime Minister counted on the fall of the cabinet to cause new elections, and given the polls, Salvini’s Lega had the chance to become Italy’s largest party. That happened earlier in the May European elections. Then Lega won a third of the votes.

Since then, the polls have been even more positive for Salvini. His Lega could possibly count on the support of 40 percent of voters. In Italy that counts as an absolute majority. Only the elections that Salvini hoped will not come about because the Social Democratic Partito Democratico (PD) and the Five Star Movement have entered into a monster alliance. Both parties are not interested in new elections, the possible profit of Lega would have been at the expense of them.

On Thursday, Italian President Sergio Mattarella asked Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte to form a new government. Conte will distribute the ministerial posts in consultation with the PD and 5MS.

The new government will be a major change from the previous one. The influence of the PD is expected to lead the government to a pro-European course. Contes previous government regularly turned upside down with Brussels. There were conflicts, for example, because the Italian budget did not comply with European rules. Brussels threatened with sanctions, but in the end they did not come.

Making a budget for the new government will again be a challenge. Conte called it one of the top priorities for his new government. He doesn’t have much time to put together a budget. Brussels wants to have a plan in October.

The grapes are sour for Salvini. His Lega disappears to the opposition banks. If the cooperation between PD and M5S is successful, Salvini’s next chance is not expected until 2023. Salvini is likely to continue the election campaign he started last summer. He traveled to holiday resorts, where he spoke with voters, often in bare bark.

He also called on his Facebook followers to come to Rome en masse on October 19 to protest against the new government.

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