Bahamas and Florida in fear of “monster hurricane” Dorian

Dorian is now about 925 kilometers from Florida. The hurricane is expected to move towards and over the Bahamas in the coming days and Monday (local time) will reach the US state of Florida. For both regions, the hurricane is a “significant threat,” according to the hurricane institute. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has now declared a state of emergency.

US President Trump says he is following developments around Hurricane Dorian and receiving regular updates. ,, It is important to follow the instructions of the authorities in the state and municipality where you live. This is an extremely dangerous storm. Prepare and be safe, “he says via Twitter.

Trump already offered federal help in a video message. He found it too early for evacuations. Evacuation is already taking place in the Bahamas, where a flood of 3 to 4.5 meters is expected in the northwest.

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