Interim trade agreement viewed by the Administration

US President Donald Trump advisers have talked about an interim trade deal between the United States and China. In addition, import tariffs on Chinese goods could be postponed and in some cases even reversed. Sources from the White House reported it to the Bloomberg news agency.

In exchange for a temporary deal, China would then have to make certain commitments regarding intellectual property and the purchase of American agricultural products. The plans were discussed in the run-up to new trade negotiations between the two economic superpowers, which should take place in the coming weeks. Trump has not yet signed the proposals, the initiates say.

At the moment there seems to be some relaxation in the lingering trade feud between China and the US Trump announced that he would suspend import duties on Chinese products, which he wanted to introduce on October 1, until October 15. Beijing is also considering allowing the import of American agricultural products freely again.

Within the White House, concerns would increase about the negative impact of the trade dispute on the US economy in the run-up to the US presidential election next year. Many Americans would not be very happy with the trade war with China and American farmers suffer from the weak prices for their products.

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