Cold case solved by accidental Google Maps user

In the US state of Florida, a missing person case has been resolved after 22 years after someone accidentally discovered the missing person’s car on Google Earth.

William Earl Moldt has been missing since November 1997, when he did not return home after a cafe visit. When he left the bar he had called his girlfriend that he was coming. His body and car were never found until a former resident of the Palm Beach neighborhood who looked around on Google Earth discovered the car.

The car was on the edge of the pond, but could not be seen from the side. The former resident decided to ask his previous neighbor if he knew anything about the car. He then called in another neighbor to check with a drone whether the car was actually there.

The local police then took the car out of the water and found the remains of the then forty-year-old Moldt. When the man disappeared, the residential area was still under construction.

The police tell the BBC that she suspects that Moldt has lost control of the steering wheel and ended up in the pond, but “that you cannot determine what happened so many years ago”. During the initial investigation there was “no indication that this had happened”.

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