Microsoft is working on 15″ Surface Laptop 3

It will sport an AMD processor

According to the usually well-informed Winfuture, Microsoft will soon launch a successor for the Surface Laptop 2. Where the current version is 13.5-inch, the new one would come in 15-inch. This Surface Laptop 3 would use AMD processors – a first for Microsoft hardware.

Based on sources from sales channels, the site says there will be three models of the 15 “Surface Laptop 3. All three would use mobile AMD processors. AMD has both 15 watt and 35 watt chips on offer, including the Ryzen 5 3550H and the Ryzen 7 3750H, which are quad-core chips with a Vega 8 or 10 GPU on board, and it is not known whether Microsoft will choose these chips.

The fate of the smaller 13.5-inch Surface Laptop is unknown. The source speaks of a 13.5 “-Surface Laptop 3, but this would also just come with Intel hardware on the market. So it is not said that the smaller model also gets AMD chips.

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