Saudi Arabia: Drones were of Iranian origin

The oil installations in Saudi Arabia “were hit by Iranian drones” last Saturday, and the attack was not carried out from Yemen. That’s what a spokesman for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition of countries fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen said.

The spokesperson says that the drones are now being investigated, but it is certain that it is not from Houthi. The leadership of the Houthi rebels in Yemen announced earlier that they had caused the fires at the oil installations by sending ten attack drones to the oil factories. The Houthis said they did this because the Saudis are involved in the civil war that the rebels have been waging in Yemen for four years.

Oil installations in Abqaiq and Khurais were probably hit by several drones on Saturday. Previously, the United States, which supports the international coalition, had already released satellite images that would show that the installations would have been hit at least nineteen times. According to government officials, the impact of the weapons shows that they come from the northwest, from the direction of Iran and Iraq. The part of Yemen controlled by Houthi’s is located in the southwest of the oil refineries.

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