Authorities do not consider stabbing Paris a terrorist act

That is a new 'normal murder'

The police do not assume that the man was radicalized. The perpetrator, who himself was shot, is said to have converted to Islam one and a half to two years ago. According to the French channel BMF TV, he had recently stopped talking to female colleagues.

During a house search, the police found no items related to terrorist groups. The man was also not known by the intelligence services as a radicalized Muslim.

According to French media, his wife stated to the police that he suffered from psychotic attacks and made inconsistent statements. He also heard voices in his head and he saw visions. His wife was taken into custody.

According to correspondent Frank Renout there may have been a business conflict. The suspect had serious hearing problems and would have applied for a deaf interpreter at work, which his supervisors rejected.

The man also felt undervalued in his work. The offender’s wife would have confirmed this to the police. The 45-year-old man has been working as an IT specialist at the anti-terror department of the police since 2003.

In the attack he used a ceramic knife that is not noticeable by detection gates. The stabbing took place yesterday afternoon at the police headquarters in Paris. The perpetrator was shot in the courtyard of the building.

A day before the fatal stabbing, there was a national police strike in France. The organization estimated that more than 27,000 agents took part in the strike. Among other things, they complained about the increasing violence against the police and the increasing number of police suicides. They also strike for pension reforms.

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