US warns Turkey after artillery attack near US troops

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American troops came under Turkish fire in northern Syria last night. The Pentagon confirms this in a statement. There were no casualties. It happened near Kobani, in an area where Turkey knows there are still US troops present, according to the US Department of Defense. The statement emphasizes that the elite forces have not withdrawn from Kobani.

The United States warns Ankara that it should refrain from such actions, because the US military may react differently.

According to the American Newsweek, which first reported on the Turkish attack, the American troops were about to shoot back last night because it was heavy artillery fire. It would be a group of 15 to 100 American soldiers who are still in the area. The soldiers who came under fire would have been sitting on a hill near Kobani.

Turkey was quick last night with a statement stating that the attack was not aimed at the Americans, but at “terrorists” who had shot at Turkish positions. The necessary measures would have been taken to prevent US mail from being hit.

The United States gave the Turks a de facto license to announce that they are withdrawing militarily from the area to start the operation against Kurdish fighters in the border region. Turkey wants the Syrian-Kurdish YPG militia away from its border – or dead. Ankara sees the militia as an extension of the Kurdish terror organization PKK.

At the same time, President Trump has warned Ankara that the US will be a major blow to the Turkish economy if it goes outside of its book. However, it is unclear where for Trump the limit lies for sanctions.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” Trump said. “We have very good relations with Turkey. They are a NATO partner, we do a lot of trade with Turkey, but we don’t want them to kill a lot of people.”

Faced with the Turkish artillery attack on US troops, Trump said to journalists, “We’re looking at it.”

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