Pence and Pompeo fly to Ankara to force Edrogan to stop destroying YPG

The American vice president Pence will travel tomorrow with a representative delegation to Turkey to urge President Erdogan for a ceasefire in Syria. President Trump announced the diplomatic mission and said he “had a lot in store for Turkey” if Erdogan turns out not to be prepared for a ceasefire.

Pence is accompanied by Foreign Minister Pompeo and security adviser O’Brien, among others. Pence has already warned Turkey that the US will not hesitate to increase sanctions against Turkey if its mission fails. President Erdogan said tonight that he was not impressed by sanctions. He stated that he has a clear goal with his raid on northeastern Syria and that punitive measures will not change his mind. A ceasefire in Syria is not an issue for him.

Yesterday Trump took the first punitive measures against the Turkish Ministers of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security and their departments. Their assets in the US are frozen. High import duties are also imposed on Turkish steel. Earlier, Trump threatened to ruin the Turkish economy if the Turks opened the attack on the Syrian-Kurdish fighters.

The Turkish army and Syrian mercenaries entered Syria a week ago after Trump withdrew American troops in the border area. Erdogan wants to expel the Kurdish YPG fighters – in his eyes terrorists who threaten Turkish security – from the border area.

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