Youtubers want to plant 20 million trees, ‘all followers can participate’

The American youtuber MrBeast has 20 million subscribers since this spring. He celebrates this in a special way: he wants to raise $ 20 million by the end of the year to plant 20 million trees worldwide. The youtuber already donated $ 200,000.

Influencers usually celebrate a milestone with a giveaway or a special video, but MrBeast does it differently. The idea for the tree planting campaign comes from its subscribers and followers. They may have been inspired by the Ethiopian government, which took the initiative to plant 200 million trees in one day.

Swiss scientists recently concluded in the authoritative journal Science that 1 billion hectares of forest must be planted worldwide to combat climate change.

Fans advised MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, to involve befriended influencers in the initiative. Because planting 20 million trees is not something you can easily do.

It is not the first to be the best to join the Donaldson campaign. The largest youtuber in the world, PewDiePie (100 million followers) is committed, as is the second largest Dutch youtuber Kwebbelkop (11.6 million followers). The latter donated $ 2500 yesterday on the #TeamTrees website. His girlfriend, youtuber Azzy, donated 10,000 dollars.

“The earth is warming up more quickly and something has to be done about it. Less CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the air, more out. Trees help incredibly well with that. But unfortunately they are often cut down or burned down,” says Kwebbelkop.

“If we do this together, we can save our planet before it’s too late, and we die out because of something we have done ourselves. The more people know about the action, the better. That’s why I like to help.”

Daan Sip is the founder of Social Reblz, a company that links brands to influencers. According to him, this is the first time that an influencer has organized a charity campaign on such a large scale. “It’s really cool. 600 other youtubers have already joined him. And all followers can participate.”

The social media marketer thinks it’s good to see so many young people come together to raise money and plant trees. “It also shows that influencers can successfully promote such a beautiful goal, instead of fast food or fast fashion.”

But not every influencer is capable of getting such an action off the ground, believes Sip. The success of #TeamTrees can partly be explained by the status that MrBeast has acquired on YouTube.

“It is a boy who has grown very big by doing philanthropic things in his videos. It is believable that he does this, and that is why he gets the biggest youtubers with his action.”

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