Samsung explores the idea of ‘folding phone’ with folding screen

Samsung explores the market feasibility of a foldable smartphone that resembles the feature phones of the past, the company announced Tuesday at its developer conference.

What the smartphone will be called and when it will be on the market, was not disclosed, Reuters said. The phone appears to have a normal smartphone format and, according to Samsung CEO Sally Hyesoon Jeong, “fits easily in your pocket”. The smartphone would be “more compact”. In the video, a telephone is first folded open and closed in width and then closed as an old-fashioned folding telephone.

The release of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first attempt at a folding smartphone, was postponed this year because the screen was so delicate that it broke easily.

The Fold is not being released for the time being, but it did appear in September in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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