The lifetime tragedy of Jarvis Kaye: being banned from making pew-pew

Those precious moments...

Epic Games has suspended Youtuber and professional e-sportsman Jarvis Kaye for the life of playing the wildly popular game Fortnite. That happened after the 17-year-old boy showed movies on his channel in which he plays the shooting game with the help of software that makes aiming easier. An emotional Kaye apologized to his nearly two million followers and the game developer later in tears. “It was the first time.”

Jarvis Kaye, who played Fortnite under the name FaZe Jarvis, sees his world fall apart. He tries to explain to his 1.9 million YouTube followers as well as possible how things could go wrong, but he cannot do that without tears. A life without Fortnite, he can’t imagine. More than two million people have already seen his excuse film.

Computer game developer Epic Games has blocked the Fortnite account of the 17-year-old esporter and will also delete it. The company did this after Kaye had posted videos showing that he was using a so-called “aimbot” while playing the shooting game. This software ensures that the player can shoot automatically and / or in a targeted manner. So that becomes easier.

The game company has a zero tolerance policy against cheating. And although Kaye states that he only uploaded the videos because he thought it would be “just cool and interesting to see for his followers,” “that he had never done it before” and certainly not “during competitions” , Epic Games remained inexorable.

“Banished forever”

In a tweet, the gamer stated:

The player from the FaZe Clan team had the same message on YouTube.

“Epic Games, you know I know I made a big mistake and I am so sorry. Epic, I know I have to take responsibility for my actions and I will do my best to accept every punishment I get. But to be banished forever, that’s just … that’s … that’s … I just didn’t know this would happen. “

According to English-language media, the length of the sentence splits the Fortnite community, which consists of hundreds of millions of players and Twitch viewers. Kaye fans created the hashtag #FreeJarvis. They point out that other cheaters were given much lighter penalties. His opponents now use the same hashtag, but then to say, “Cheating is cheating.”

Frazier Kaye – nickname FaZe Kay – at least chose the side of his brother. He also posted the excuse video on Twitter and said, “I can’t describe how displeased Jarvis was this week … Please view this video and share it.”

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