Tesla is building a ‘gigafactory’ in Berlin

Tesla is going to build its European large factory near Berlin. This so-called Gigafactory 4 will offer space for the production of batteries, power lines and vehicles. In the area of ​​vehicles, the production of the Model Y will start.

Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that the large new plant will be located in the Berlin region. ‘Everyone knows that German engineering is excellent. That is part of the reasons why we are installing our European Gigafactory in Germany, “said Musk. The new large plant will be built at a location near Berlin’s new airport, CNBC writes, among others, based on Musk’s oral explanation.

Musk says on Twitter that in addition to batteries and powertrains, the Berlin factory will also produce vehicles, starting with the Model Y. The production of the Model 3 will probably also be added in the long term, the company said at the end of October during an update on the Third quarter. Musk said last year that the new European plant should be operational by the end of 2021.

The choice for Berlin means that other countries, including the Netherlands, are fishing behind the net. Last year there were reports that Tesla was looking to the Netherlands for the construction of this large new European factory in addition to Germany. Reportedly, several countries have been lobbying for the arrival of Tesla’s European factory. Musk said in the summer of last year that Germany had the best papers. He also said then that a location on the German-French border was a logical option, because the factory would then be close to the Benelux countries.

Tesla already has three other locations in the world with a gigafactory: in the US states of Nevada, New York and in Shanghai. Tesla currently has to ship its cars for the European market from the US. This will in part no longer be necessary once Gigafactory 4 is running and it will also bring advantages in terms of possible uncertainty regarding import duties. Tesla also has its European headquarters in the Netherlands and Musk indicated last year that it will stay that way.

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