Trump signs the law in support of Hong Kong protests

One of the two laws requires the US to check annually whether Hong Kong has enough autonomy to maintain its special trading status with America. The law also states that Washington must act with sanctions against human rights violations in the city state. The other law prohibits US exports of weapons such as tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets to the Hong Kong police. Both bills were adopted almost unanimously by the US Congress.

The new legislation puts further pressure on negotiations between the US and China on ending the trade war between the two countries. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed the bill in a reaction last week as “foreign interference in Chinese internal affairs.” to be hired.

So far, Trump has been mostly on the plain about the situation in Hong Kong, where large demonstrations for more democracy have been taking place for weeks. Members of Congress from his own Republican Party had been calling on the President for some time to express his support for the activists in the semi-autonomous region. In a statement, Trump said on Wednesday that he had “respect” for Chinese President Xi Jinping. He also expressed the hope that “the leaders of China and Hong Kong will be able to resolve their disputes in a friendly manner.”

The Hong Kong government has expressed “deep regret” about Trump’s decision.

“The two laws clearly interfere with Hong Kong’s internal affairs,” the government said in a statement. The Hong Kong government also stated that the new legislation is sending “the wrong message” to the demonstrators.

The new legislation sharpens negotiations between China and the US on the trade war between the two countries. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a response on Thursday to take “firm countermeasures” if the US continues to interfere with Hong Kong.

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