Murdered Maltese journalist was followed for months

The British news agency Reuters has received statements from one of the perpetrators of the assassination. At first it was intended that Caruana Galizia would be shot with an automatic weapon.

Assassins hung around her house and found that the investigative journalist was often working close to a certain window on her laptop and thus an ideal target to shoot at. Caruana Galizia and her family were also followed and spied on at a party in a hotel outside the capital, Valetta.

After careful consideration, it was decided that it would be more effective to blow Caruana Galizia’s car up. The day before she died, the bomb was attached to her vehicle. The explosive was exploded remotely via a encoded text message.

The news stream about the horrifying attack started this weekend when the high-profile businessman Yorgen Fenech was arrested. That happened on board a yacht with which he tried to flee Malta in the middle of the night. He is seen by the justice on the island nation as a person involved in the murder, although his precise share is not yet clear. The Malta Today newspaper sees him as the client, but Malta Times and Reuters news agency are not going that far yet. What is clear in any case is that the government is getting nervous about the content of the interrogations of Fenech so far.

Through his lawyer, he was told that the businessman is prepared to state who is ultimately responsible for the murder of Caruana Galizia, who kept a popular blog about corruption in Maltese politics and business.

Fenech’s lawyer has written to President George Vella that his client can be incriminating about tourism minister Konrad Mizzi, economy minister Chris Cardona and chief of staff Keith Schembri. The latter was arrested on Monday and would have been designated by Fenech as the main suspect. Schembri was sent yesterday. Fenech wants grace in exchange for his statements, but that request has been rejected.

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