Trump gets closer to Impeachment with publication of report

President Trump announced on Monday that he would not appear at the hearing and also did not want to send a legal representative. Earlier today, the president called the Democrats “very unpatriotic” to continue the impeachment procedure while traveling for the NATO summit in London, the Washington Post reported.

The Republicans also took stock this week in a legal report in which they concluded that there is no basis for the allegations. According to the Democrats, however, there is indeed sufficient evidence that the president has misused his power to eliminate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for the 2020 elections.

Trump would have threatened Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky to withhold military support if he did not investigate the activities of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine, with which, according to Schiff, Trump “violated the oath of office.”

Also, according to the Democrats, the president “thwarted impeachment investigation” by preventing witnesses from being interrogated or intimidated. “Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the US to completely block an impeachment investigation initiated by the House of Representatives,” the report said.

The intelligence committee of the House of Representatives approved the report on Tuesday evening with 13 votes in favor and nine against. The Democrats voted in favor and the Republicans voted against, CNN reported. It will now be forwarded to the Legal Committee of the House. If that committee decides to initiate a settlement procedure in the Senate, then this report forms the basis for the charges. The legal committee will conduct the first interrogations on Wednesday.

The White House calls the research a “one-sided nonsense process.” “No evidence was found against Trump. This report consists of nothing more than their frustrations, “said the White House spokesperson referring to the Democrats.” It reads like an incoherent story from a blogger who wants to prove something that there is no evidence for. “

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