Pelosi: Donald Trump can be deposed

That will never happen though

She has therefore asked the Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Justice Committee to prepare formal charges that could lead to the President being deposed. It could probably be voted on around Christmas.

Pelosi quoted extensively from the US constitution in a six-minute argument and said that two months of research on Trumps contacts with Ukraine had made it very clear that he had acted in violation of the constitution. The president had been guilty of abuse of power for his own political gain. By order of Trump, Ukraine should have collected incriminating evidence against his alleged challenger in 2020, Joe Biden, in exchange for US military assistance. “In the United States, nobody is above the law,” said Pelosi.

Donald Trump himself doesn’t seem very impressed. He already said on Twitter that the Democrats had no deposition case against him at all. Come soon with that procedure, then we have a fair trial in the senate and the country can continue, was his message summarized. According to the president, this procedure only demonstrated how corrupt his political opponents were. “I have been chosen to clean up the (political) swamp and that is what I am going to do.”

The chance that Trump will actually be deposited is very low. For that, at least the Democrats need the support of a part of the US Senate and Donald Trump has enough supporters not to be sent away.

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