FBI expands investigation into Saudi shooter, attack was likely filmed

American politicians have labeled the attack on Pensacola airbase as a terrorist act, but several American media have written that he appears to have had no ties with terrorist organizations. The motif of the shooter, who was eventually shot by an agent, is still unknown.

The Saudi is now known to be 21-year-old lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Al Shamrani. He would have spent his last days with three fellow countrymen. Several media, including The New York Times, write from sources that the three were shown by Al Shamrani during a dinner of videos of mass shooting the night before the attack.

Investigators are also investigating whether a trip from the shooter and three compatriots to different museums in New York was made for a tourist or other purpose.

In addition, a Twitter account under the same name as that of the shooter has described the United States as “malicious” and quotes Osama bin Laden, according to a report by Site Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist activity on the internet.

Six Saudis interrogated, three of whom may have filmed the attack

Six Saudi compatriots were interviewed on Friday night. Some of them followed the same military training as Al Shamrani with the Royal Saudi Air Force on the US Army base. All US military allies can use that option.

Three of the respondents were allegedly present at the army base at the time of the attack, writes The New York Times based on a source. Witnesses would have seen them shoot the shooting. The trio allegedly declared their behavior as “being present at the wrong place at the wrong time”, another source tells the newspaper.

Attendees normally do not carry weapons with them unless they are necessary for exercises. The FBI refused to answer questions from American media about how the shooter got his weapon.

A few hours after the attack, US President Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman were in contact. Salman allegedly expressed his condolences to the families of the victims in a telephone conversation.

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