North Korea carried out a “very important” test on a rocket base

North Korea claims to have conducted a successful test on a satellite missile launching base on Sunday. The test was qualified by the State Press Office as “very important”.

“The good result of the test is of great importance to the Central Committee of North Korea,” the statement said. “The result of this recent test will have a significant effect on our changing strategic position.”

The North Korean news agency did not report exactly what had been tested at the Sohae missile launch site, but the site is often used to launch rockets into space and test rocket engines.

North Korea had promised the United States that the Sohae base would be dismantled, but more activity has been observed lately.

A South Korean defense ministry spokesperson said they are monitoring the situation along with the United States. A rocket expert tells Reuters news agency that he thinks it is a “stationary test” of a rocket engine.

The test comes a day after North Korea’s ambassador reported to the United Nations that denuclearization is no longer on the negotiating table during talks with the United States.

This comment from Ambassador Kim Song, after previous warnings from the North Korean government, will not continue to talk about denuclearization if the United States itself cannot make any promises about lifting sanctions.

The United States and North Korea have been discussing denuclearization for two years. Representatives from the countries met for the last time at the end of June 2019.

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