Google Earth covers 98 percent of the inhabited world

In other words, it is less than 25 percent of the planet

This is evident from data that the search giant has shared with CNET. This is the first time that the coverage ratio of the service has been shared. Google has been working for years on its map service, which now consists of both Google Earth photos and maps on Google Maps.

If you stick all the satellite photos together, Google Earth shows an area of more than 93 million square kilometers. So that is the bulk of civilization. Abandoned areas and oceans, for example, are less meticulously captured by the search giant.

The Street View function of Google Maps has also captured a large part of the world. According to Google, the Street View photos show streets of 16 million kilometers added together.

A billion people would visit Google Maps every month. This is also lucrative for Google: the map service is used to show location-oriented advertising.

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