Tesla made in China: first three Model 3 cars to be presented to the management

Automaker Tesla will start Monday with the first deliveries of cars produced in China. This represents an important milestone for the company of CEO Elon Musk, partly because China is the largest car market worldwide. This also applies to electrically powered vehicles.

The first 15 Model 3 sedans from Tesla will be delivered to employees of the company on December 30, the company confirmed. Musk expects the new Chinese factory to help Tesla in the fierce competition in the field of electric driving in China. In addition to local competitors such as NIO and Xpeng Motors, major automakers such as BMW and Daimler are also aiming for a larger market share.

Earlier on Friday, the Model 3 was included on a list of models that qualify for a 10 percent exemption from the purchase tax in the country. In addition, the ‘made in China’ Tesla is eligible for a Chinese government subsidy of $3600 per car.

Tesla said in October that Model 3 cars produced in China are priced at around $ 50,000. Then there were reports that Tesla is considering reducing prices for cars made in China to a fifth.

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