Australian Prime Minister refuses to adjust “climate policy” after catastrophic forest fires

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to deploy three thousand reservists to put an end to the gigantic forest fires that have been ravaging his country since November. In addition, 20 million Australian dollars (approximately 12.5 million euros) are allocated to rent four extra firefighting aircraft.

Morrison also sends one of the largest Australian amphibious transport ships, the HMAS Adelaide, to beaches on the Australian east coast. Thousands of people have to be evacuated because they were trapped by the flames.

“This decision means more feet on the ground, more planes in the sky and more ships in the sea,” said Morrison.

The prime minister recently received a lot of criticism from eastern states in the country. Residents believe that Morrison did not make the cut quickly enough to fight the forest fires. More than 4 million hectares of nature have already been lost.

Earlier, Morrison deployed five helicopters and two other naval ships to save residents. The first evacuees arrived in the night from Friday to Saturday near Melbourne. It concerns dozens of people who have been taken from the beach at Mallacoota, where an estimated four thousand people are sheltered.

Another thousand evacuees are expected later on Saturday after a boat trip of more than twenty hours.

At least 23 people have already died in the meantime. Saturday morning (local time) firefighters found two bodies in a blaze on Kangaroo Island.

This weekend, the forest fires are expected to continue. Extremely high temperatures of far above 40 degrees are expected, which are accompanied by considerable wind speeds.

Just like last weekend, the Australian government advised over 100,000 people in the state of Victoria to leave their home as quickly as possible.

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