American Airlines will be reimbursed for grounded 737 Max fleet

The American aviation company American Airlines (AA) has reached a settlement with aircraft maker Boeing for the problems with the 737 MAX, which are being held on the ground worldwide for security reasons. This involves compensation for damage suffered in 2019. The aircraft have been on the ground since March after two crashes in a short time.

According to AA, the largest airline in the United States, the compensation is distributed over several years. The amount of the scheme was not reported. AA did say that more than 30 million dollars will be used for a profit-sharing scheme for employees of the company.

AA does not expect a material impact of the agreement in the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2019. The company also continues to discuss with Boeing about compensation for damages after 2019 as the problems persist.

The APFA trade union, which represents the interests of 28,000 AA employees, says it welcomes the news on compensation and evaluates the details. Previously Boeing also reached an agreement with other companies.

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