US government does not convince Democrats of necessity attack on Soleimani

On the Wednesday, the US government has not succeeded in convincing Democrats within the American Congress of the need to eliminate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

The 535 senators and members of the Lower House were briefed behind closed doors by Defense Minister Mark Esper, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo, General Mark Milley and CIA director Gina Haspel.

According to US president Donald Trump, he wanted to “prevent a war, not start” with the attack. Soleimani is said to have prepared an attack on US interests, Trump said.

Democrats said afterwards that there was no convincing evidence of the allegations against Soleimani. A few Republican senators were also critical. According to Senator Mike Lee from Utah, the meeting was “the worst military briefing” he had experienced in his nine years in the Senate.

Ultimately, government delegates would have run away from the meeting while many questions were still being asked, CNN writes.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, stated after the explanation that the attack was a provocation. Later on Thursday, the Democrats want to pass a law through the House of Commons to curb Trump’s power.

The measure would require that any military action in or against Iran be approved by Congress. It is by no means certain whether the law will make it, since the Senate must also agree. In the lower house the Democrats are in charge, but in the Senate the Republicans have a majority.

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