Iran arrests person who leaked the video of taking down plane

Iran has picked up the person who posted a video last week that shows how an Iranian anti-aircraft system shoots a Ukrainian passenger plane out of the sky, reports the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars on Tuesday.

What the creator of the video is suspected of was not disclosed. According to the news agency, the results of this investigation will be announced shortly.

Flight PS752 from airline Ukraine International Airlines departed Wednesday from Tehran International Airport and was en route to the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The video shows that the aircraft caught fire shortly after taking off and crashed. All 176 passengers were killed in the disaster.

Iran has already arrested several people for their role in the downing of the Boeing 737. The number of people involved and of whom they are suspected has not been disclosed.

After the disaster, Iran said it would try those responsible for the air disaster. Ukraine, Canada (most of the foreign victims had a Canadian passport) and the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing have been invited to participate in the investigation. On Tuesday, a team of Canadian experts visited the disaster site for the first time.

After three days of denial, Iran admitted that the plane had been brought down and mentioned “human failure” as the cause. The crew of the Iranian defense installation would have mistaken the aircraft for an American cruise missile.

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