Boeing discovers another software error in 737 MAX

The glitch is found in system that checks on the aircraft whether other monitoring systems are working properly. Boeing is already working on the necessary updates and is in contact with the American aviation authority FAA.

“Our top priority is to ensure that the 737 MAX is safe and meets all legal requirements before it is put back into service.”

Type 737 MAX have been on the ground since March last year, after two fatal crashes had occurred with the model within the five-month period. A total of 346 people died. The two aircraft accidents, in Indonesia and Ethiopia, are probably the result of a safety system that kept pushing the nose down because a sensor was not working properly. Boeing must first correct all technical defects in the aircraft from aviation authorities before the 737 MAX is allowed to fly again. The costs associated with the issue run into billions of dollars.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the 737 MAX had more defects than just the software that played a direct role in the crash of the two aircraft. There have been reports before about possible other problems. It also came to light that there were already doubts about the device when the 737 MAX was being developed. A pilot who was involved in the process in 2017 even stated that the aircraft looked like it was designed by clowns.

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