Facebook looses young users to… another Facebook venue

Even the Facebook platform plagued by scandals sees the number of users increasing again, according to the National Social Media Survey 2019. For this, the Newcom research agency surveyed more than seven thousand Dutch people in the first weeks of the year.

This year’s rise is Instagram and YouTube. The number of Dutch people using Instagram, a platform on which photos and short films are shared, liked and commented, rises to more than 5.6 million (was 4.9 million last year). That is about twice as much as the number of Twitter users. The TikTok app, with which you can create and share short edited films, now has more than one million users, including more than 400,000 children up to the age of 14.

WhatsApp is the absolute leader: 12.1 million Dutch people exchange messages and photos via this platform, which, like Instagram, is owned by Facebook. The recovery of Facebook itself is very striking: the network platform of Mark Zuckerberg received a major blow last year, after a period full of scandals about data leaks, fake news and voter manipulation. Last year more than 600,000 Dutch people left the platform, but this time the number of Facebookers is rising again, from 10.1 million to 10.4 million now. “Our curiosity is difficult to suppress, we are hard to break free from our habits,” says Hans Hoekstra, researcher at Newcom.

This while there is still great suspicion about social media, there are concerns about the spread of fake news and privacy issues. With 14 percent, the percentage of trust in social media has been low for years.

“But apparently that is no reason to leave platforms permanently. Facebook may be used a little less intensively, but we check every day to see if anything interesting comes up.”

However, Facebook use among young people continues to fall: only half of the 15 to 19 year olds use Facebook, that was in 2016 still nearly 90 percent. But Instagram (also part of the Facebook mother ship) makes up for a lot of that loss.

Instagram influencer and model Rianne Meijer (@ rianne.meijer) has more than 477,000 followers. Instagram has become her work. ,, I have been on Instagram from 2012. I not only enjoy it very much, but it is now also my job. Because I did modeling for brands that have many followers on Instagram, I also got many followers. Then brands, for example, send their clothes and that is how it turned into a job for me. I now work a lot with brands such as Daniel Wellington and H&M. Together with the client we come up with a great campaign for which I create content and place it on my Instagram. I get paid for that. What do I like to share? Instagram versus reality posts. I also want to show the other side because it conveys a good and honest image to young people. There is also an honest side to life. Many of my followers are young, even younger than me, and I know how it works. I grew up with social media, so I know how it can affect you. That’s why I think it’s important to show the reality side too. ”

So the big winner is WhatsApp, both in terms of number of users and in terms of indispensability: many participants barely make it without the messaging service. When asked which platform is the most important, WhatsApp scores many times higher than any other platform. And on average we are in seven different app groups.

Dutch spend about 98 minutes a day on social media. Outliers are young people from 15 to 19 years, who spend 143 minutes on apps such as Insta, Facebook, WhatsApp or TikTok. People over 65 are the least active on social media for 82 minutes.

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