Rot am See shooting was a family feud gone wrong

During a shooting in the German town of Rot am See, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, several people were killed and wounded. According to the German Bild it would be about people from the same family.

According to various German media the number of deaths is six and there are also several injured. a man born in 1983 would have fired fire. The victims were both in the building and at the door.

Police spokesman Bernd Märkle says that, according to the first investigation, the shooting is in the relational sphere. So there would be no terrorism.

The shooting took place in Rot am See. 5,000 people live in this small town. Although it is normally a quiet little town, it was picked up by the report. A lot of police cars and ambulances were approaching the incident. Several helicopters have also been deployed.

The perpetrator of the deadly shooting in southern Germany this afternoon, called the police themselves. The 26-year-old man said on the phone that “he had just shot several people.”

The police found six dead bodies in the hotel in Rot am See where the drama took place, including the father and mother of the shooter. Two people were also seriously injured, one of whom was in critical condition.

The fatalities were men 36, 65 and 69 years old and three women 36, 56 and 62 years old. Two young relatives of the man, teens 12 and 14, were threatened, but not shot at. The children receive psychological care.

The German police confirm that all fatalities are family members of the man. The relationship between the two injured and the perpetrator is not clear.

The shooter had a gun license for a shooting club. He used a semi-automatic pistol with a 9 millimeter caliber. The man hasn’t made a statement yet.

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