Syrian government army and Turkish occupational forces exchange blows in Idlib

In an offensive by the Syrian army in the northwestern Syrian region of Idlib, six Turkish soldiers were killed and seven injured, the Turkish Ministry of Defense says.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), thirteen Syrian soldiers have died as a result of Turkish retaliation.

The Syrian attack took place in the village of Saraqeb, east of the city of Idlib, says the Observatory, which follows the war from Great Britain. Moreover, according to Ankara, a Turkish convoy came under fire that had arrived in the area yesterday.

The coordinates of the convoy were known to the Syrian government, Turkey says. The Syrian government has not yet said anything about the attack. Russia says it was not known that the Turks were present there.

The Observatory says that the Turkish convoy consisted of five columns with 320 armored vehicles, fuel trucks and trucks with tanks. One of them entered Saraqeb yesterday.

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