Google Maps gets a makeover: new app icon, functions and more

Google Maps is getting a major update. Not only has the app icon been updated, the app has also been redesigned and Google is adding some new features. Furthermore, the app now shows speed limits in Europe.

This is a Major Google Maps update

Google Maps is celebrating its fifteenth birthday, so the search giant is rolling out a major update. This starts with the app icon: the familiar icon with a colored map makes way for a push pin. This should be more in line with the icons of other Google apps.

In addition, Google makes various changes to the app itself. The most important improvement has to do with the interface. At the bottom you will now see five tabs, with which you can reach the most important functions of the navigation app faster. Maps will also lean more on the information that users can share, for example about public transport.

Google Maps already shows that it may be busy in a train or bus, but a new feature allows users to indicate how hot it is in the vehicle and whether the train / bus is wheelchair friendly. This should make planning your trip even easier and clearer.

The Live View function is also being improved: with this augmented reality function you can see more quickly in one go what the distance is to your destination and which direction you need to go, without starting full navigation.

The new interface and the icon for Google Maps will be rolled out to all users from today. The new features for Live View and public transportation will appear in the coming months.

Also new: the speed limits are now available for European users of the Google Maps app. When navigating, you will see the speed limit of the road you are driving on at the bottom left. This is shown next to your current speed, a feature that has been in Google Maps for some time. If the navigation app sees that you are driving too fast, the letters will get a different color. The screenshots below, published by Tweakers, show how this works.

Tweakers also writes that if you drive 10 kilometers per hour too fast, the current speed will be displayed with yellow numbers. If you go even faster, the speed will turn red. With the new, current speed limits you can therefore prevent you from driving too fast on the road.

The new feature also works if you use Google Maps in Android Auto. The speed limits have also been released in Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Norway and Sweden.

Google regularly adds new functions to the Maps app. For example, the navigation service has a translation function for difficult names abroad, so that, for example, a taxi driver can hear where you need to go in his own language. It is also possible to report traffic jams and speed cameras in Google Maps, and of course the app also has a function to navigate offline.

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