Dutch satirical song about the corona virus outrages local Asian community

There is an online petition against discrimination against Dutch people with an Asian background as a result of the corona virus outbreak. The petition “We are not viruses!” was placed on Saturday and has now been signed around 24,000 times, of which more than 19,000 times in the Netherlands.

The petitioners point out hurtful comments and silly jokes about the corona virus and people with a Chinese or Asian appearance. The reason for the petition is a satirical song from Radio 10 with the title: Prevention is better than the Chinese. The melody of the carnival song We celebrate party is sung among other things that it all comes “by those stink Chinese”.

“Enough is enough”, initiators Vincent Yeers and Hui-Hui Pan write. “Every day we are confronted with so-called ‘jokes’ and statements that are impossible. We too are just people. It is time for us to start the discussion. This affects not only everyone who is Chinese, but also all Dutch people with an Asian background. A disease, a virus, you’re not kidding about that. Would we also laugh if the song were about cancer? ”

They ask the media to take their responsibility and make an appeal to politicians. “We ask politicians to take action to make a plan together with us on how we can break through this image and stereotypes and make a stand against racism and discrimination.”

The initiators also wanted to apologize for Radio 10. Dj Lex Gaarthuis, who was broadcasting the song, has since apologized. He spoke of “an error.”

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  1. Jing You says

    Thank you for this report. Chinese are mostly well-behaved and self-disciplined in the Netherlands. We work hard and we try our best to not make any troubles. We are also very tolerant and often too quiet as the “silence group”. As soon as this Coronavirus crisis started, we have been taking immediate action to stop any celebration parties for the Chinese New Year. We remind each other to stay at home as much as possible to not bring any public concerns.
    But this time we need the Dutch society to hear our angry voice. This song is not a joke, it is totally a discrimination against all Chinese by its tile, content and the way how Lex Gaarthuis played this song with carnival music as the background. “Enough is enough”. This video need to be banned in all media channels to avoid spreading of this hateful song widely by young kids at school.

  2. admin says

    The ban is exactly what will make it popular, in my opinion. It will be forgotten soon without it.

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