Bernie Sanders wins in New Hampshire

It's time to say goodbye to Joe Biden?

Bernie Sanders has just won the New Hampshire primaries. Sanders was only a few percent ahead of its competitor Pete Buttigieg. Amy Klobuchar was the surprise of the evening with a third place. The biggest disappointment was Joe Biden, who got no further than fifth place.

Sanders was excited about his victory. “Tonight is the end of Donald Trump’s end,” he said in front of an excited stadium with supporters. But the Sanders campaign will have looked intently at the incoming results. His lead was ultimately much less than he had wanted, and also considerably less than in 2016.

That was the fault of Pete Buttigieg among others, the former mayor got the wind in his sails after his surprising victory in Iowa, but also became the target of attacks by competitors. But Buttigieg also performed above expectations in New Hampshire. Sanders complimented Buttigieg on his strong second place, but also sneered at him when he said he was fighting “the candidates funded by billionaires.”

Amy Klobuchar was a surprise for the evening. The senator from Minnesota surprised friend and foe with her solid third place. She told her enthusiastic supporters that she will do everything differently than President Trump. “I will take responsibility, I will seek cooperation, and work with all Americans. Sincerely, instead of just fighting. I will bring this country together instead of tearing it apart. ”

The big loser of the evening was Joe Biden. The former vice president got no further than a disappointing fifth place. Biden did not wait for that result. Even before the ballot boxes closed, he flew to South Carolina to campaign there. But the Biden campaign is seriously damaged by this bad result.

There is already a lack of money, and the confidence was gone after the disappointment of Iowa. It will be difficult for Biden to recover from this, even with states like South Carolina ahead, states with more black Americans and minorities, among whom Biden is popular.

Senator Elizabeth Warren also disappointed with fourth place. For the tech candidate Andrew Yang, New Hampshire meant his swan song. He stepped, just like Michael Bennet, the senator from Colorado whose campaign never came up.

February 22 May Democrats in Nevada have to elect. Democrats hold their hearts, because that will happen through a caucus, just like in the caucus plagued by app problems in Iowa. A week later it is South Carolina’s turn.

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