Motorola wins the patent battle with Chinese company

It is about some ancient tech not everyone remembers nowadays

The American technology group Motorola Solutions has been awarded damages of nearly $ 765 million in a trade secret battle with the Chinese company Hytera Communications. A federal jury in Chicago found Hytera guilty of stealing technology secrets and patents from Motorola.

That brought an end to a three-month lawsuit. It was about communication technology for walkie talkies which was popular… maybe 40 years ago. Motorola said it had been working on certain technology for decades, when Hytera suddenly came up with similar products. The Chinese company is said to have used former Motorola employees and to view many secret documents. Hytera acknowledged that former Motorola employees were hired, but said it had developed the technology itself. Hytera is conducting its own lawsuit against Motorola with allegations of abuse of power.

US President Donald Trump has frequently accused China of abusing American patents and technological secrets for their own gain. That issue was one of the main causes of the US-China trade war. Meanwhile, the economic superpowers have reached a provisional trade deal, including agreements on trade secrets.

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