Iraqi militia fired several missiles at US military base in Baghdad

In the Iraqi capital Baghdad, several rockets were fired on Sunday night at a military-led military base of the international coalition, located near the US embassy, the US forces reported. According to sources, the rockets landed close to the embassy. No people were injured.

Heavy explosions were heard in the center of the Iraqi capital.

It seems that the Iraqi militia Hashed al-Shaabi was behind the attacks, although they have not yet been officially claimed. The group is affiliated with the Iraqi army, but also maintains close ties with Iran. One of the leaders of Hashed al-Shaabi was killed by an American rocket in January at the same time as Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

It is still unclear what kind of rockets were used. It is the nineteenth attack on an American base in Iraq since October last year. The US holds Iranian-backed groups responsible for this.

The basis and the embassy lie in the heavily protected so-called Green Zone of Baghdad where many embassies and ministries are located.

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